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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Cloud Based Services

Cloud Based Services

Solutions Integration

Solutions Integration

Practice Advocates

Practice Advocates

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

revenue cycle management

Our goal with our RCM offering is to bring your entity to a higher level and provide expertise beyond submitting a claim and posting a payment. You should know that we rarely accept “that’s the way we’ve always done it” from our teams, our partners and our clients. We let revenue and data play a major role in the way we work with our clients.

From our coding expertise to our team of analysts we are always looking to maximize revenue, decrease denials, lower days in AR and influence change within our client’s practice. Proving financial impacts is one of our most meaningful steps on the road to “ensuring the financial health of the practices we serve.”

Cloud Based Services

cloud based services

Your personal technology consultants

Expertise ranging from security to app development

Single point of contact for support

Support & implementation

Firewall, security, & third party vendor management

Monthly network & security audits

Shared risk model

With reimbursements in decline while costs for services climb, practices have had to do more with less. We have developed our IT services to meet the specific needs of your specialty practice. We want your practices operating at maximum efficiency with their internal IT infrastructure. Our confidence is shown in our willingness to integrate this to your revenue. With a willing client we even “share the risk” in your financial success. Our dedicated Technology team works with you to integrate lean technology and offer a number of “best practice” recommendations to move your group ahead and eradicate waste. This includes expensive systems or apps that, at times add little value, other than the comfort of an icon.

Solutions Integration

revenue cycle management

The volume of requirements, costs, and issues specialty practices face today is more expensive and cumbersome than ever before. We aim to bring solutions to your conundrum and ease some of the administrative burdens so your teams can focus on care, patient throughput, and outcomes. We integrate these solutions into a single source system or report keeping everyone in the loop with the different processes.

RCM is only one solution that we provide. Other solutions that we provide are:

Surgical authorizations

Diagnostic authorizations

Clinical authorizations

Facility authorizations

Data indexing

Chart auditing

Medical records provision


AP & financial reporting

Practice Advocates


Our growing Client Success team is the tip of the spear in our advocacy for your financial success. This is where we start taking your current processes and keep them where they fit or refine them based on other specialty practices successes. They also provide continual feedback to your organization to continually improve our respective revenue.

The financial viability of your organization is what keeps your doors open and profitable. Innovation is an increasing need for you. Your specialty practice is unique in this need and the cookie cutter apps available to you are likely developed for primary care physicians (the mass). We at NewportMed have proven successful in the innovation of apps that better meet the unique needs of our clients.

Together we can stay ahead of the market by anticipating change.

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