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NewportMed is a specialty specific Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Company.

We offer our clients a unique, blended approach to running the business of their practice(s). We have expertise in Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Pain Management, Oncology and Gynecology. We have found that by focusing on the specialty practice, we are able to navigate the nuances that are common and unique to each specialty instead of the "one size fits all" approach that has become the standard in our industry.

Our Story.

NewportMed was founded in 2004 with a focus on surgical specialties. In 2016, we formed OmniMed Solutions, Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad, India to give us a work force that can scale so we can focus on specific areas of the non-patient facing aspects of Healthcare that demand volume, data driven processes and integrity. Instead of focusing on one aspect of the practice, our partnership brings expertise on multiple levels to ensure financial stability and promote growth. Utilizing technology and process efficiency as key resources, we are able to capture our clients’ revenue while minimizing their staffing overhead and other associated costs.

Our Approach.

Our overall approach is simplifying the complicated. Our clients will tell you that we focus on every aspect of the RCM process from beginning to end. We help them maximize their revenue goals and minimize their expenditures. We do this by managing every part of our clients’ practices from appointment scheduling, pre-surgical payment capture, authorizations, benefit validation, coding, data analytics and reporting, and proactive feedback, which we call a “Value-Add.”

Together we fill a significant void by bringing scalability, integrity and expertise to our marketplace.

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